A bit about coral.care

It's well reported that coral bleaching is a threat to reefs around the world and for the most part this has been attributed to global warming. The impact that cosmetic products have is less well reported, but no less significant.

We were shocked to learn that upto 14,000 tons of sunscreen are washed into the world's oceans every year. Many soaps and shampoos contain ingredient which are harmful or disrupting to wildlife as well as being non-biodegradable.

Coral bleaching has been reported at lower temperatures than expected and the chemical composition of the water is considered a leading contributor.

We thought this wasn't good enough and planned a product range including wetsuit cleaner, sunscreen, soap, shower gel and shampoo, each giving a first class performance, using the best ingredients while minimising disturbance to the environmental .

Soap Background

The first common use of an exclusively olive oil-based soap was in Castile, which is - unsurprisingly - how it got its name.

Spanish crusaders returned home with a recipe for Aleppo soap, which used a blend of olive and laurel oils. Since they had no access to laurel, but plentiful supplies of olive oil, they used 100% olive oil in their soaps and it worked rather well.

So much so, that it's been used ever since because olive oil is pretty much the only single oil you can use for soap-making if you're looking for that Goldilocks soap, which is neither too hard nor too soft, and cleansing without being harsh. Tallow is the other option, but that doesn't grow on trees.

Our soaps are made from Spanish olive oil, which we believe to be of the finest quality.

Current Production

We're currently producing a 50g travel bar as well developing a concentrated liquid soap.